Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Brokerage. Rachel. J. Slocum, 50' schooner.

                                        -New on the Market.

-Funny how things are. After publishing the see below Post about Sea anchor, Heaving-to and Drogue, it came to my attention that the actual boat is now for sale.

-Described as a unique vessel, she sure is. The reading of this schooner on, by D. W. Yachts, is what you need to know and I can help you fill the blanks as a co-Broker when you contact me personally. Full large scale plans will be made available to the Buyer.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Another Season is Starting.

Once in Newport, you owe to yourself to be on the water.
Many companies offer Charters; from 12 M, the Schooners Madeleine, Adirondack and being a little biased, the Sight Sailing of Newport with Aquidneck.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sea anchor, heaving-to and drogue.

- Source:

- The 2018 Golden Globe Race. Started on July 1st in les Sable D'Olonne, France.
Forum: Ocean Racing Anarchy.
The 2018 Golden Globe Race. Pages 33-34 and others.

- I have no experience with Drogue, never had to use one.
If you read through the above caption on S.A, you get an idea of what it is.
- So, I thought to share the experience of one of my clients writing to me about his own sailing and tribulation with the drogue object in question; it is an interesting take.

- The following is from B.P.  Privacy is a concern, except that he is a very well known author. Including about his latest book about the Chappaquiddick incident. " Chappaquiddick Speaks".

- Back to the subject.
- South-Pacific, his integral letter follows.

- " I am sure this letter comes as a surprise, but I've got a lot of time on my hands and thought I'd drop you a line. I'm writing this at 37deg. S. Latitude, 140deg. W longitude about a week out of Pitcairn Island  (if the storm coming along in the next few hours doesn' do me in, and the umpteen ones rolling in behind it).  Two weeks or so far from the Chatams, which are a small group of islands about 450 miles southeast of New Zealand.
The weather has been mostly miserable, with the wind almost constantly out of the north. that seems to be a problem in the Southern Ocean.

- My own note: the letter will read like a novel.  So have the patience for me to copy. (to be continued). Meantime, the news that prompted this segment in the Blog.

Caption: Quote Day 158 Update on Susie Goodall rescue.
_"British woman Susie Goodall remains safe and secure aboard her yacht DHL. Starlight after being pitchpoled and dismasted in the Southern Ocean some 2000 miles West of Cape Horn yesterday...."

Friday, April 19, 2019


-Well! I  took a breather and have neglected the Blog for what seems to be quite a while. No specific reasons, just a time out and maybe for reflections on many subjects and not necessarily having anything to do with my professional life which is Yacht Design and for which tantonyachtdesign. blogspot .com is all about after all.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Carter Offshore Production Boats.

-I took a little time out writing the Blog. Not out of lost things to say, just laps when going into Winter. Now it is Springtime, and as they say, things are moving again.
As the title suggests, I have received an inquiry about finding a Carter production boat for someone on a nostalgia quest to seriously race some unique racing boats from the 60s and '70s.
This is for a racing sailor, competitor, and winner in many classes and owning many boats with the same name. For privacy, I cannot divulge the identity, but if you have something to sell. I'll pass it on.

-The title picture is of Ydra, the aluminum built prototype for the production version of the Carter 37. Fiberglass made and a fast boat to these days. Thanks to copyright Demi-Coque for this renderings and others.

-Among the Production candidates I can think of:
Carter 40
Carter 33.
Carter 37
Carter 39
Carter 36. The Texas One Tonner.
I'll add more pictures as I retrieve them.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

In the Golden age of Ocean Racing.

-Last night at the Harbour Court New York Yacht Club in Newport Rhode Island, we had a special evening with a guest speaker who had an extreme influence as a Yacht Designer for the rest of my life. Notably, Richard E. Carter known as Dick Carter who came to shake the world of Yacht Design, Offshore Racing and Yachting Rules.

- Starting in 1965 when he startled the sailing world by winning the Fastnet Race in England with a boat of his design, the first one ever, had her built and skippered to this stupendous victory.

-The promotion was for the Introduction of his book; "Dick carter Yacht Designer. In the Golden Age of Offshore Racing". I am glad that a couple of years ago, I suggested for him to write a book about that unique area covering a period of 10 years, where the world discovered his talent, his boats and the legacy of it to all of us at the time, and now in the future through literature about his own life time.

Friday, July 20, 2018

In Time.

-C'est l'histoire de mon bureau a Newport R.I , USA.
I had offices in town before, but...

-Everything has an end, and in this case a new beginning. After almost 40 years, President Carter and myself are parting away. By this I mean I moved inside the Main Post Office at Newport for my new office to be, when President Jimmy Carter moved into the Whitehouse; that is a long time!

-This corner of America's Cup, Thames street and the Memorial Boulevard is the location of a beautiful building from 1916. A small plaque acknowledges the dedication.
William McAdoo. Secretary of the Treasury. (sounds like a commercial for E-Trade 2018, but I digress).
-James A. Wetmore.
Acting Supervising Architect 1916.
Maybe it was mean to be for another Architect of a different kind.

-For me the way to move into there happened when the Founder of the Yachting Museum mentioned that he was moving out of the building to relocate at the Museum site at Fort Adams.
People had no idea that rental spaces were available. So I moved in. At first sharing with another Frenchman, Bertrand Dumont a large space on the third floor. Then moved downstairs, on my own to the vacant office left by T. Benson.

- My neighbors at the time, in this fully Federal Building where the location of NOOA; F.B.I, I think C.I.A and US. Customs handled by Mr. Monk. A legend in himself. I have stories about all the above.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bermuda Race (1978) 2018.

-Ubiquitous title.
But tomorrow is the start of the Newport -Bermuda race.
Only to remember a unique moment in the Bermuda Race History, and a long story at that.
Forty years ago, the first I.O.R,  U.L.D.B on the East coast wrote the new era of lighter boats, more sail area, less displacement and at the time lighter on the budget. Rated at 69.9, just under the maximum. First to finish.

-Rambler 88 at the start.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Volvo Ocean Race.

Newport Stop over. 2018.

- Breathtaking finish by Mapfre nudging Brunel by1mn and 2 seconds after the 7000 Miles distance from Itajai Brazil to Newport.
-The inshore short course event of today showed more gap between the boats at the finish. Brunel won this one, followed by Mapfre and the local Vestas.

-Tomorrow is the Start for the Atlantic crossing to Cardiff.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Long Flying Wings.

-Yes, it has been a long time. Even though on this Blog I have written many different captions about Magie Noire and for good reasons being of my Design and the vision of Christian Quoniam way back when in 1983. To read more Search on this Blog: "From JR to Elia".
But, there is new News. The boat, the wings will fly again under the hospice of an Association dedicated to re-build the boat within a 3 years time frame.

-Yes, she was in a field and literally abandoned. I am not about to tell you why, because I do not know the details. The object of this post is to celebrate a postmortem and a resurrection. Well, I am a little ahead of myself, so let me explain.

This the way I like to remember her. (to be continued).