Sunday, June 21, 2020

Boat of the Month: Outlaw by Illingworth and Primrose.

 - 1963 Outlaw by I & P.

- I became acquainted with John Illingworth by sailing his boats.

- Eider, a transom sterned Maica and Giraglia Race winner, Chin Blue, Maryka; Oryx; Monk of Malham and Merle of Malham. This variety of sailboats took me from the Med to England, to Holland, and to Denmark. Every summer was spent on the water and racing. I did not have the means to own and sail small boats but for a couple of exceptions, therefore I took ocean racing instead where you just have to show up and be willing to do anything and to learn fast in a competitive environment

- This started when I was 16 years old, enamored by yacht design, designers and to be on the water to race.

- Outlaw came out in 1963 and represented in my eyes to be the epitome of a racing machine. I never sailed the boat, just eye candy for me. This is why I dedicate this Boat of the Month to the I & P designed Outlaw.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Monday, April 27, 2020

Numeca International, press release.
NUMECA International: Fine/ Marine reducing the Drag for Tanton Yacht Design.
Numeca is happy to announce that Fine/Marine, the leading CFD solution for naval architects, has been used successfully to check the static and dynamic properties of the boat called "TYDe 68"designed by Mr. Tanton Y-M, naval architect and owner of Tanton Yachts.
Thanks to its unique features (adaptive grid refinement, quasi-static approach, sub-cycling method, etc.) Fine/ Marine has been used to predict accurately the TYDe 68 wake patterns at different speeds, including free trim and sink. In a second step, these results (pressure distribution, free-surface elevation, streamlines, etc.) allowed optimization of the hull shape by reducing total drag, reducing fuel consumption and emissions at cruise speed.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Boat of the Month. April 2020, Oceanus.


-Note: You can also see another:  Sailboat of the Month. August 2016,  "Black Soo". On Search.

- In another life, I would want to be re-incarnated as William Garden. And I know that many other Yacht Designers would envy of the same.
- My tribute to him is to take his own personal boat, Oceanus as described above and manage a re-creation that I hope he would approve of.

Sunday, March 29, 2020


- Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Chine Boats. Letter of Mark.

-Finally. From scorn to actually winning price money; the saga of the angular boats.

- See also on this Blog: on Search.
 Boat of the Month: August 2016. " Black Soo".

- " You cannot be what you can not see". (salesforce-org. dream force).
- Eight years old, I am sailing a Cadet, the hard chine pram with spinnaker for two people. After a week, the very young owner as you can imagine, allowed me to go on my own. Never forgot the blessing moments, the freedom, the attention, and the cold and the elements.

- A little side story.
- Way back when Miami Boat Show 1980-81? I met a Frenchman who was trying to introduce a 43' French designed and well-built aluminum 43' sailboat. A nice raw product with the unpainted topsides.
- I simply told him, it was impossible to sell in the U.S. Myself having tried the same venue with half a dozen aluminum boats built in Canada. They sold alright on their own merits but nothing more. Sure enough, he never sold the boat, but for a pittance years later.

- Fast forward. The original title to this blab was to be: "Geometry in space". I think an appropriate title for simplified shapes but complicated to achieve a well-done result.

- The best thing I love about Yacht Design is to develop a hull shape. The definition of the whole boat, from top to bottom and sideways. I have had the opportunity to design hundreds of powerboats, sailboats; where the whole apparatus starts with shape in space and therefore the title of what could have been.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

I.M.O.C.A 20-20 / Vendee Globe Race / M.Y.M.O.C.A.

- 1995 Project for the 1996-97 Vendee Globe Race. Designed with a single chine, with straight daggerboards and rotating keel, mast and wishbones.

- With just a year to go before the start of the Vendee Globe, and with the Transat Jacques Vabre underway, let's make the point as of now and for the future IMOCAs over the next 12 months. I have no access to files about the newly launched boats and therefore I will start with my own evolution with designs for this very special Class.
- Eventually, with the progress and comments going to be made, I might change my ideas to present a coherent and up to date approach to my own visions.

- Also, see on this Blog.
- A voir aussi. Use Search to the right.
. Detour to history.
. Sailing and foiling.
. Il n'y a qu'un pas, and foiling is here.
. Starting today and for the next 3 months, The Vendee Globe Race.
. Imoca: Moustache ou pas?
. Imoca 60 shape and America's Cup 2013.
. 545.3 miles in 24 hours. Vendee Globe 2012.

- Notes: Renderings of past winners' sail plans are by Chevalier- Taglang.

-Vendee- Globe 1996-1997. Winner: Christophe Auguin aboard Geodis. Architects Finot-Conq.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

I.O.R; R.O.R.C; C.C.A. A take from The Facebook Group.

                                    - Above drawing.
- My first One-Tonner design. At the time when the R.O.R.C (Royal Ocean Racing Club).Rules dictated the Ocean handicap system and Offshore racing in Europe.

- In 1968, during my Military Service, obligatory at the time, I was fortunate enough to be detached from the Bataillon de Joinville, and able to join A.F.C.A (Association Francaise pour la Coupe America). Balancing my time between sailing 12 Metre, working for A. Mauric and  Britton Chance; tank testing a string of 12M.

- From a design point of view and the highlight at the office, was for me to reproduce Intrepid, the S&S America's Cup winner from 2000 photos and the rating certificate.

- In my spare time, I designed several boats including this One Tonner, heavily influenced by a drafting method developed by A. Mauric, before computers of course. Also by the development Class of the 5.5 Metre. Compared to Tina, the boat is more conservative with her deadrise, balanced hull lines and other features.
- But, before all of this; came the One-Tonner Tina.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

American Shipyard. Newport, Rhode Island is changing hands.

- October 2019.
                               Safe Harbor Marina acquires 85th. Marina; the American Shipyard.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Lobster Yacht; de retour au bercail.

- What goes around, comes around.

- A good friend of mine purchased this "lobster yacht".
- A turn of an event, if I can say one!

- I had just completed the design TYD#300 for him, and about to be built.  When I found for sale, on Yachtworld the above Listing.

- Since I had been involved with the Design and Building I sent the link to the client. The next thing I know he ended up buying the boat! Shelving the plans. Well, I got paid either way, and this is a good product.

- Sold a few years ago, the boat has a history that you can follow in the article below that I wrote during her conception.

- Good to have her back, she is a good one and being registered again in Newport, Rhode Island.