Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nesting Dinghy in 3 pieces.

Update in November 2017.

The very stable centerpiece on its own.

Fitted with the bow on.

The 3 pieces coming together.

_ Molds are made, and a couple of prototypes are out. A little more work needed into some details, but otherwise looking good.

Building a 3 parts Nesting Dinghy.

- Prototype Vision Dinghy.

- The idea is to make a tender where all the parts are useful, starting from the middle piece as a dinghy on its own and being able to be rowed.

- When fully assembled, the pram can carry 5 persons. A typical nesting dinghy usually has only 2 parts that have to be assembled before being of any use. The image shows the dinghy "nested" on the roof of a sailboat.

Rowing with the 3 fiberglass sectional pieces.


- After removing the stern section.  The 3 elements are very light due to their small sizes and their connection in between is very simple.

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  1. Hi Mr Tanton,

    I have tried today to enter your website without success. It asks me for a password to enter. I want to know if you still sell your AMBUSH ABS program and what the cost is. Please email me at with info.


    Dudley Dix