Thursday, April 12, 2012

Press Release from Numeca International.
NUMECA International: Fine/ Marine reducing the Drag for Tanton Yacht Design.
Numeca is happy to annonce that Fine/Marine, the leading CFD solution for naval architects, has been used succesfully to check the static and dynamic properties of the boat called "TYDe 68"designed by Mr. Tanton Y-M, naval architect and owner of Tanton Yachts.
Thanks to its unique features (adaptive grid refinement, quasi-static approach, sub-cycling method etc.) Fine/ Marine has been used to predict accurately the TYDe 68 wake patterns at different speeds, including free trim and sink. In a second step,these results (pressure distribution, free-surface elevation, streamlines, etc.) allowed optimization of the hull shape by reducing total drag, reducing fuel consumption and emissions at cruise speed.

" CFD computations for marine applications are nowadays routine work for naval architects at each steps of the design process", comments Yves-Marie de Tanton. "A coarse mesh, can be for instance used at the very beginning of the design in order to bypass the empirical relations and obtain a first idea of the boat behavior. CFD  can also be used at a more advanced stage of the design process by adapting the mesh and replacing the classical panel method. Eventually, a detailed mesh will provide accurate results (< 1.5% error) for classical resistance computations which are of major interest to all naval architects". Yves-Marie de Tanton states.

NUMECA International is a worldwide provider of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and consulting services. NUMECA software is used for the simulation, design and of optimization of fluid flow and heat transfer. It is used by naval architects, product developers, design, and research engineers, allowing them to reach superior product quality and performances at a reduced engineering cost.