Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bermuda Race

The 90' R/P Rambler shattered the previous record of the Newport Bermuda Race by 14 hours.
Finishing first across the line in 39 hours, 39 minutes and 18 seconds after the Newport start.
Bella Mente was second.
The 67' Tanton's Circus Maximus, back in 1978 finished first over the line in 105 hours; 9 hours and 9 minutes.
The race that year, was the slowest in Bermuda race history. A combination of an almost total lack of wind and sailing it all to weather, let a skipper to say " I felt as if I was racing the seaweed, and at one time, the seaweed was winning".
The same Summer, C-M went on to break the Marblehead to Halifax record held since 1939.

Circus Maximus. Start of the 1978 Bermuda race.