Saturday, November 24, 2012

Delivery November 2012.


The end of the hurricane season is marked by the annual exodus to warmer sky. Boats of all kinds and sizes descent south. My son Chauncey jumped aboard "Aurelius", a Gerard Dijstra & Partners classic design for a quick 8 days delivery from Mamaroneck to St. Martin.

 By luck a friend took this photo of Aurelius under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Over the 1500 miles passage, Captain Ken, Joey Waits and Chauncey + 2, encountered mostly light winds with the occasional squalls.

 Captain Ken, Chauncey and Joey.


                                                  Saint Martin                                                     

A little side story.
The small world of yachting, even at the top of the world. My son Chauncey first met Joey during the M/Y Began expedition to conquer the North East Passage. Joey was on a Ketch called Fiona. Both enterprises were successful in making the crossing in one season.