Thursday, April 25, 2013

Motor Vessel, M/V 105'

                                                             Work is progressing on our project #317.
The design process is in motion to capture the different venues, the options in style, presence and purpose. All with a keen eye kept on the up most importance parts of naval architecture and engineering. It is not possible to show here the desiderata involved with such an adventure, suffice to say that it is an enormously interesting job. By the end there will be something for every taste. Let stop at one !

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kayitsiz 3

Ozkan Gulkaynak' book is out. I am certain you can read Turkish. The self published volume about his single handed voyage around the world on the 26' cutter Kayitsiz 111. He became a celebrity in his homeland where he is presently supervising the building of a couple of 40 footers MBCC's
( Modern British Channel Cutter) of my design. The link is:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

R.O.R.C Caribbean 600.

In just five years the Carribbean 600 is fast becoming one of the premier Ocean Race in the world.

Sailing at this time of the year seems like a good idea, if you can do it in and around Antigua and the Islands in company of a plethora of different boats and classes, such as IRC's boats, Multihulls, Spirit of Tradition, Superyachts and Class 40

My daughter Dominique took the pictures.