Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Class 40, Atlantic Cup 2013 Newport

Atlantic Cup. After Inshore races at Newport.

40 Degrees Owen Clarke Design.
Bodacious Dream. Farr Yacht Design.
Dragon.  Owen Clarke Design.
Gryphon Solo.  Marc Lombard.
Icarus. Rodger Martin Yacht Design.
Lecoq Cuisine. Guillaume Verdier.
Pleiad Racing. Marc Lombard.
                   When are we going to see a ScowTa?
- With the success in the last Mini Transat of the scow bowed 777, I am wondering if the same approach could be adapted for the 40 Class.
- Last year, for the purpose of assessing the possibilities, I reverse-engineered David Raison's Mini to explore what he was doing?
- The rules for 2013 have been changed to avoid the adoption of the Mini's bow to the class 40, by the control of a maximum width of 450mm. at deck level located 200mm. aft of the stem. By dropping the width almost down to the waterline the volume is redistributed in a different way and this is the Class 40 version with the killer whale bow I am coming up with.


  1. Beautiful ! I hope in IMOCA 60 will enlarge bows too but as I know in the next class rules they are going to limit it like in the class 40. Now I am finishing a design of an IMOCA in wich I have been testing some different bows in CFD software, and as result the winner was on of the bigger one, it is so interesting the study of the comparation in the waterlines at different heel angles between typical bow and the big ones...

  2. there you can find some footage:

  3. Thank you Jose Luis. Well, the decision in the 40 Class and probably with the IMOCA 60 to limit the extreme full bows is correct. We know they can be fast, without doubt faster on certain points of sail as demonstrated by David Raison's Mini Transat. On large, very speedy boat, I am afraid the kinetics are such that you better hold on to your teeth.