Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Belle Ile 10M. Cruising Boat.

Once in a while, I have a good surprise to receive photos and now often videos about boats I have designed, some a long time ago. This is the case of "Belle Ile", this nostalgic "Colin Archer" built with steel with the twist of having twin keels limiting the draft to 4'-3".


As a coincidence, I just sold a set of plans of this seaboat, the 34th. to Canada. I wrote in a previous article about Belle Ile, that in times of trouble people are again attracted to simple, solid, safe, and not so slow type of escape machine.


  1. Bravo pour ce plan, il est parfaitement dans ses lignes à la mise à l'eau !!!

    1. Thank you. J'aime beaucoup ce genre de bateau. Jacques-Yves Le Toumelin avec Kurun est mon inspiration depuis l'age de 12 ans quand, en pension mon esprit d'evasion prenais jour.

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