Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Motor Vessel, M/V.114'

I just spent three weeks in the South of France. The benefit of excellent weather, makes you forget the bleakness of winter in New England, for a while anyway. It is a nice break.
The French Riviera is synonymous with really big boats and they are all over. Mega Yachts interest me, not only for the design challenge they represent but also the fact that the commission for such complex project does not happen every day. Right now, I am working on an aluminum 105' with a certain originality in concept and realisation. I also like to sell boats, my friend J-M has a central on a 114' which might be of interest to someone, especially for a handicap person. Based on a Navy hull, the boat performs well and has speed. Built in composite, the construction is strong and the vessel presents well. The originality comes from an elevator going from the owner's state room down below to all the way up to the bridge deck.  She is a niche boat and having designed a 54' sail boat for a paraplegic client, I appreciate the thought that goes through the entire project to solve the many questions and problems associated by such a situation. So if you want to be "sur la Cote d'Azur" and on the water next summer without being out of place in St-Tropez or Monaco, please get in touch.
The 105' TYD#317.