Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sailing Dinghy.

Last weekend I was in Florida to oversee decisions to be made about a small boat dear to me. Six years ago, I sailed the dinghy to the point I can truthfully say that I never had so much pleasure sailing on a small scale, just being on the water comfortably, safely and with speed. But this was a while ago. I am talking about a concept that my friend T. M has been playing around for a long time. His job, as an airline pilot did not allow him to put it all together from a manufacturing point of view. He only sold on a piece meal basis to cruising people watching and convinced after seeing the boat sail in the Bahamas somewhere and elsewhere.

So, with builder P-H we flew down for a meeting trying to solve some issues. The main questions have been how to attach the inflatables and still to be able to remove them easily if the need arises, how to build as light and as strong as possible, how to jazz up the sail plan and other important details. All in view to make a go with the commercialisation of this product.

By the way, T-M owns one of my designs, the 45' Cat-Ketch Sea- Gipsy. His very first sailboat. It figures. Being an airline pilot he could understand right away the benefits of wings and free standing spars.

                                              SAILING DINGHY SPECIFICATIONS
Length of Fiberglass Hull: 10 feet.
Length of Hull with tubes: 10 feet 8 inches.
Inside Beam of tubes / midpoint: 42 inches.
Outside Beam of tubes / midpoint: 62 inches.
Transom width: 40 inches.
Transom Height: 18".