Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Les petits Bateaux..

qui vont sur l'eau.

If the emphasis of TYD is to concentrate on the custom aspect of the boat design business, nevertheless there is also room to capitalize on dozens, maybe hundreds of boat plans that can be sold to amateurs, individual or companies.
Within the past few months, several of those "old " drawings have been purchased, amongst them:

A 37' Pen-Gwyn in Texas.
A 33' Green Peace in Canada.

The video is about the Marconi rigged "Belle Ile" built in Switzerland for a German owner.


A 33' Iletan for Australia.

A 39' "Imagiro" for Turkey.

I encourage you to inquire about purchasing plans at a very reasonable price; what I call "for food money". Heck!  some of the frames for my oil paintings cost more than a complete set of drawings.
Want to see more about the body of work? Drawings, pictures, renderings etc. see: 26 pages at the Gallery.     50 pages (600 illustrations) at the Gallery. Click on Top Poster bottom right.
Google and Bing. yves-marie tanton. Images. (countless).
Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Up-date October 26, 2013
Bob Perry asked me to contribute to the Forum about pros and cons for steel boats on:
Realizing that all the designs above are for steel construction, it seems appropriate to agree.