Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Newport Boat Show 2013.

View of the Newport Brokerage Boat Show at the Shipyard.
Few places in the world where you can see so many boats with very tall masts; all painted white.
I think the Sail and Power Boat Show was smaller this year, not too surprising, while the second hand market was full of very large sailboats for sale, not surprising either. Quite a display as a matter of fact and I had the pleasure to see again old Brokers friends pushing hard quality  merchandise.
I am not fond of Boat Shows for new boats; it is actually depressing. The present form of going on the water is more alike buying a condo, yes here and there you pick one idea or two, mostly from a construction detail which I like, but the rest is plastiky. It might  also be because I do not have boats in shows anymore, yes this must be it!
A little side story.
After a Newport Show, taking slowly the boat back to my mooring under power and reaching a point  half way in the harbor, my eyes caught something white bobbing around in the water. Approaching, I notice a mooring buoy with its pennant obviously separated from its supposed  location. Surprise, my number 722 displayed on the side. Now it is clear that given a few hours one way or the other this incident could have turned into a disaster. Luck, destiny, what?