Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sportboat! Why another one?

- From where inspiration comes from?

- I have been a long-time admirer of Ray Hunt Designs, be sailboats or powerboats. One is 110 Square/Foot Class, born with the desire to turn affordable racing with the speed and performance offered by more sophisticated and expensive models. Got me thinking of going out of the box of a 110 to come up with the Garage Rocket of similar length but oriented towards the Sport Boats of our era.

- So what is it, what to do?
Then, I got to think about 747, the David Raison Mini Transat with her Scow bow. I duplicated the design for R&D observing that at a sailing angle of heel, the hull presented a large increase in wetted surface compared to the more "normal" Mini Transat that I used to compare with. The wetted area is the main ingredient of friction at low speed before wave resistance takes over. Then, I realized that all this surface is actually an elongated waterline with a high aspect ratio and prismatic coefficient, therefore a more efficient hull shape. Furthermore, this form with the given displacement distributed over the length on a shallower midship section has the ability to create lift over the whole waterline.
                                                                                      Fish View @ 20 deg. of heel.