Thursday, December 11, 2014

Down East Boats.

I have had the opportunity over a period of 10 years to design many so called "Lobster Yachts".  In size range from 36 to 40 feet. About one every year; they are good boats and people liked them.
Then all of sudden in 2008 the market dropped under us. The final draw happened when we had to cancel an operation due to start in China. It was a wise decision considering than since then not one non-commercial boat has been sold. So what went wrong ? And why such good boats are not taking of again with a slightly better economic climate?
To give you an idea of what the Lobster yacht is all about, here are condensed words from the brochure.
"Good classic looks with flare and tumblehome. Seaworthy and stable. Smooth and comfortable. Very efficient S-bilged hull with no speed bump that needs extra horsepower. Fast and economical with a single engine and no box over the cockpit sole. Protected propeller and rudder."
 All combined in designs evolved from 100 years of working the sea all day long and transformed into exceptional versatile yachts. What is there not to like about it?

A little side story.
The above rendering is by Stephen L. Davis who passed away not too long ago. He was the best of the best illustrators and over the years did a lot of brushing for Tyd. Some  examples.

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