Sunday, August 3, 2014

Is this the Summer of "Summer Afternoon" ?

Well, it looks like it, at long last. Behind boats there are always stories; boat stories. So, to explain Summer Afternoon in an nutshell, please take the time to read an article I wrote many moons ago.

Now fast track; the boat is in Newport now and Chauncey took on himself to refresh the small schooner.
Sanding, varnish, sanding, varnish, paint, sanding, varnish, paint, paint, varnish, varnish.... you got the point.
My contention was to launch the boat first, which we did before the task of refurbishing. The local boat ramp is next to the Ida Lewis Yacht Club, very close to the house and therefore conveniently located. It was fun.

Well. We had to get help. Six coats of varnish and painting is not to sneeze at, and with not much time, it became necessary to hire the best varnishers. Summer is short.

Bermuda Race 2014

                                                                                 June 20, 2014

As you can see by the posting date, I have been slow in feeding the electronic beast. Slow like this start and for the rest of this event of some 615 miles from Newport to Bermuda. And....the winner is.....
Actaea a Hincley Bermuda 40.