Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Tall order.

The new Rambler 90'.
I understand that Rambler is designed to be competitive on handicap and given the right condition in light air and downwind (and luck) to address the heavier, bigger 100 footers with lighter weight, and a test of patience and skill to show them one thing or two.
 RamblerGroupama 70  Bow view. For comparison I drew the bow section of Groupama, the 70' winner in the last V.O.R. Similar for sure but subtle differences due mainly to the increase in displacement of the much larger boat indicating more volume but also a more obtuse end at the stem.

To be noted: the soft shape of the mid section located aft of the keel. Turned into sharp chines fore and aft towards the bow and stern.
I had seen this type of daggerboards before on Abu Dhabi, the VOR 70. They appear on Comanche as well. I suppose the intent is to close the gap of the slot into the hull, keeping an optimal shape of the board to the bottom.