Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hot Rum Series 2015

     San Diego Yacht Club.
The Hot Rum series consists of 3 races in November and December.   
140 boats entered the racing.

Good results for the Tanton 73'
Sail number 22208. Name Velos. Owner Kjeld Hestehave . Class 1. Rating 1.049.
Race 1. Fleet 2/ Overall 20. Race 2. Fleet 4/ Overall 9. Race 3. Fleet 6/ Overall 44. Place 13 Overall.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Souvenir, souvenirs. Vendredi 13.

Vendredi 13.
A visionary boat by Jean-Yves Terlain, financed by Claude Lelouch of "A Man and a Woman" filmaker fame, designed by Carter Offshore and built by Tecimar in St. Nazaires France. At 128', V13 was at the time the longest single handed boat in the world. She still is in her original configuration the lightest fiberglass, at 30T. (66000lbs.) pleasure boat ever built. One of the first large resin infused vessel in the world. Also, probably the most bang for the bucks in history of sailing. Budget $360,000.00 on a turnkey contract and 6 months to design and build this one of a kind.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

On the Drawing Board now.

A cruising shoal draft aluminum boat with a "twist", as for the sail configuration. The "Elia System" for mast, rigging and sail plan. The renderings are showing an earlier version of the boat before modification to the deck with a pilot house to give more headroom for the tall owner.


Thursday, October 29, 2015


An interesting word in English to describe the travel of a boat from one place to another. Usually with an absentee owner who has not the time, since he has to work to afford other people and his own boat. "Convoyage", is the word in French meaning the same thing.
I like deliveries, for it describes for me deliverance of a certain discipline routine where there is very little leeway for error, mistakes and  tolerance in my day to day life.
This time, a trip from Newport to Fort Lauderdale. This is the period, like last year where on the same boat I took on the journey.
The passage is regulated by the rise of the sun and the length of the day to sunset, to start all over again after a few hours.  So there it is.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Out of the water.

Study of bows and sterns.

Who can say boats look alike. There is nothing like it in shapes and forms. Maybe, the only comparison could be made about dogs. Big, tall, small. hairy, shaved etc. to have so many different presentations for a purpose.
I am not talking about insects and other species.
A few weeks ago I am in Canada, on the Saint Laurent river. To be exact at Pointe Au Pic to visit family on my mother side. Originally from Belgium, they moved to the US after WW11 and spent many Summer seasons at the Malbaie before setting permanently in retirement.
A little further South, there is a small Museum dedicated to boats running the river in the past and where I took the photos.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Sail Majesty at Sea.

Drew Doggett, a well known name in the photographic world if not yet in the Sailing World. But this is going to change with the introduction of his Coffee Table Book, titled "Sail Majesty at Sea".
Drew is staying with us at the house for the occasion of the Newport International Boat Show to exhibit his work and his book. Now, in the Sailing Capital of the USA with a collection of some of the top world photographers living around here, you would thing there is nothing to ad. But if you see The Book, all black and white reminiscent of the old work of Rosenfeld's and Beken's at Cowes in England, you can see the tradition has not been lost. Only invigorated by the renewal of the Classics J's and 12 Metre boats. Such magnificent vessels are alive and well with a whole new generation of new built or resurrected from ash or mud. So, if you are in Newport stop by his booth and get a Signature book also dedicated to a noble cause. Read the text below before I get on too long, pictures speak for themselves.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

History. Seahorse. John Rousmaniere's article about Richard E. Carter.

Well ! It is a young and fun time when at 25 years of age you design World Class Racing and Cruising sailboats. Really, and for all of us in the Tower. Would be impossible to duplicate these days. Thank you for John and Seahorse for the publication of this article. And thank you Dick for believing we could translate your visions.

Monday, August 3, 2015


John H. Ilingworth, Francis Bouygues, Baron Bich.

This Post is prompted by an e-mail I received following the article by John Rousmaniere about Dick Carter in the August issue of Seahorse magazine. See above Post.

P. A wrote: " In my life I have worked for three or four "Rock Stars" and Dick Carter was the first. We were all in our twenties ( and Dick was only 42) when he hired all of us and gave us the freedom to do great things".

I wish to everybody to have had Mentors like I have been privileged to be associated with. No less than three, whom by finding something in me, allowed me to find myself.
Their paths crossed mine. Found about boats, Yachting and enthusiast with sailing, their presence allowed someone very young to pursue a passion in many interesting ways.
Yes, this is talking about myself but thanks to the Social Media and search engines, one can find everything there is to find about the above personalities. All larger than life.

Illingworth and Primerose, then Illingworth and Associates.
My year with the firm, barely nineteen years old started in St-Malo, Brittany. With the building of Oryx a Class 1 Ocean Racer for Mr. Francis Bouygues. Then to be the skipper over the summer on Maryka in the 1966 One Ton Cup in Denmark. Richard (Dick) E. Carter won that event with Tina. Then on to England to design boats. Wow!

Francis Bouygues.
Living in Paris now, being there studying, I became a frequent guest of the Bouygues. I also became involved with the Magazine Neptune-Nautisme where I had my own column reviewing boat designs.
Implying many times to redraw in ink the submitted drawings. 
Sailing took the full season of 1967 aboard Oryx ending with the Fastnet Race of that year.
A little side story.

I got to think. If I am to draw, re-draw drawings from designers for a magazine then why not buy the publication in order to publish myself and perhaps sell my own yacht designs. So I approached Francis to meet with Jean-Michel Barrault and Alain Glicksman the Chief Editor of Neptune-Nautisme, my boss there. Well, as you can imagine there is nothing that a magazine can bring to the table of a Trump. I am not comparing the person, just the type of business. Entreprise Francis Bouygues is one of the largest building companies in the world with Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Immobilier and Colas. But, his interest in Media came a few years later with Films, and Program TV Bouygues TF1, and the creation of telecoms, Bouygues Telecom. Telephones, Internet. A giant.

Baron Bich.

At the time in France, every young Frenchmen were obligated to 2 years to be spent in the Military services. I thought that I had better to do it fast rather than waiting and postponing. No time to lose.
It happened that my younger brother had joined the AFCA, the Association Francaise pour La Coupe America, the syndicate put together by Baron Bich to challenge the Defender of the America's Cup.
With my design background and the need to design a "12 International Metre" it became an easy shoe to get into the program. But first, the "Bataillon de Joinville" where athletes practicing their sport leading to the Olympics, could best serve the country for that length of Military service. This was the venue to feed the rang for crew needed to sail the training boats purchased by the Baron. Kurrewa, Sovereign or Constellation. The stable of new recruits spent 3 months in boot camps, for me it was about climbing hills and shooting canons in mock war games. My feet never felt so hurt, I had real bad boots and piercing was the only relief necessary just to be able to walk. But, after all this training over, we still managed to climb, "faire le mur" almost every night. The wall, circling the barracks had a very obvious hole in the perimeter of barbed wires to allow our nocturnal escapes. Personally, I had rented a room where I actually designed boats. While others had more mundane rendez-vous of the ladies kind.

Finally delivered from the 3 months of boot camps, we sailed almost everyday. Eventually I went to Marseilles to work for Andre Mauric, the Naval Architect for the French Challenge. There, I learnt a lot. Mauric, a mathematician had developed techniques in drafting close to what is now all translated into computers hull design programs. I mentioned on another blog post how we redesigned most of the famous twelves of the time. Based on Rating certificates and hundreds of pictures. The most important for sure was Intrepid. All this for a reason: Tank testing.
This took me to Brittany, at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, originally l'institut Polytechnic de l'ouest transformed into the L'Ecole Nationale Superieure de Mecanique, where we tank tested the 12M. models. I followed engineering courses as well under the supervision of Professor Ravilly. The basin was relatively small but had seen Pen Duick 3, and is mostly used for the big shipyards around the area. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Extracts from Newport this week; Pat Blakeley.
L'Hermione, the almost authentic replica of the 210' ship that carried the Marquis de Lafayette to America with news of  French support for the revolution in 1780.
The reconstructed French frigate took almost 20 years and $30 million to build. The Hermione was the fastest ship of its day, and the replica was constructed to original specifications in Rochefort France, where the first ship was built. The original vessel took 11 months to build. her namesake used the 18th century building techniques to re-create the three masted frigate. Two thousand oak trees were selected for their size and curvature to make the hull, and 26 cannons were cast by the same foundry that had supplied armament for the first L'Hermione. More than 15 miles of rigging was needed to outfit the vessel, and 19 linen sails encompassing more than 2,200 square yards, were hand stitched.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Transatlantic Race 2015.

Today was the last of the staggered starts for the 2015 Transatlantic race.
Featuring Phaedo 2 and Paradox, the two trimarans and then Rambler and Comanche the monohulls.
After a couple of hours, instant speed gives Phaedo at 31knots and Comanche and rambler at 20.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Spring cleaning.

At the place of work.
It is not surprising that within the confine of a small office, from time to time you have to clean it up. A place where there is daily search and research amongst the reference books and hundred of drawings, many on paper or mylar. Now, most drawn on as many at six computers A few very old to be able to use some of the programs that are no longer compatible with the newer PC's.
So, this time I retrieved a literature piece from 1977 by " Bateaux " the French magazine. The only publication that ever gave me a genuine interview in 40 plus years in business. Yes, I have been published all over the world about articles I wrote or boats I have designed, but this is the only one on one.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Big VOR day in Newport.

With the opening of the "Village" at Fort Adams.
They arrived on the 6th. with a dramatic finish; teeth and nails between Dong Feng and Abu Dhabi. The former wining by .. Talking about timing, I found this interesting close finishes of the past.
(If I can find it again).
I started but waited for the end. In between, the Newport Stop-Over was a huge success. Over 100, 000 enthusiasts showed up during the Stay. As a Newporter, I can tell you that it is the first time that many concerns got involved with skin in the game. From the State of R.I, the City and more importantly the Individuals led by Brad Read. The shore filled with people for the Inshore race leading to the start of the Transatlantic crossing to Lisbon; 500 + boats showed up on this beautiful day. Sailing knowledge in Newport R.I is no secret, sailing is in no doubt and this time we got the crowd.

In case you are wondering about the video. We had our own close encounter. While being inside the security/ safety boats zone, Mapfre came on charging through. I guess the red marker was not part of the course. She won the inshore Race.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

La Panoplie.

1) a complete or impressive collection of things.

Well, let's see in terms of small power boats from 20 to 25'.
They are different, but they have one think in common: Aluminum. Over the years, I have come to appreciate the material and on one of a kind basis is probably the ideal medium.

The Lafitte 20. With a beam of 6'. Of a type quite common in the South and particularly in Louisiana. Strong, rugged and stable.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Keel, Keel and Keels.

There are as many sailboats keel designs than there are boats. For a keel, the objective is to offer a lateral plan to counteract the wind pressure on the sails by presenting a form below the waterline to help prevent sailing sideways. The keel produces the hydrofoil action, influences handling and steering and offers a location for ballast. But why so many options ? If our concern is towards relatively small sailboats, we can attribute the evolution to going from work boats, to cruising boats and onto racing. 

From immemorial time the keels were long and adopted to the type of boats, commercial activities, conquest
but mostly for building consideration. The possibility to be launched from the beach, deep sea fishing, and private enterprises, they all show that feature which offers directional stability, ability to hove -to, all included with the logical thinking of the time. They did not get involved, but superficially into the elements of keel action to resist the drift force.
Colin Archer's  Norwegian Rescue boats, showing the underwater profile of a long keel.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Another Half Hull from Demi-Coques aka Chorus1, this time about the 1973 Admiral's Cup Frigate. Designed by Carter Offshore, the 39' in that event was the leading boat for the English team.

Frigate distinction comes from the overall clean approach in the design, be the hull shape, the clear deck for easy working area and low windage. With the sail controls led to a battery of winches distributed on the bridge deck at the forward end of the cockpit.

The German Team of Rubin, Saudade and Carina111 (another Carter Design) won the 1973 Admiral's Cup,the world's championship in International Ocean Racing.

Now, Frigate is part of the "Patrimoine Maritime de France", like Historic Buildings in the USA. Quite a feat to have an American Design, English built and owned in 1973, passing to France heritage. It must not have happened since capturing British ships during the Napoleonic wars.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Taste of winter in Newport.

To say the least we have seen a lot of snow over the past 3-4 weeks. A few pictures are worth a thousand words.