Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Big VOR day in Newport.

With the opening of the "Village" at Fort Adams.
They arrived on the 6th. with a dramatic finish; teeth and nails between Dong Feng and Abu Dhabi. The former wining by .. Talking about timing, I found this interesting close finishes of the past.
(If I can find it again).
I started but waited for the end. In between, the Newport Stop-Over was a huge success. Over 100, 000 enthusiasts showed up during the Stay. As a Newporter, I can tell you that it is the first time that many concerns got involved with skin in the game. From the State of R.I, the City and more importantly the Individuals led by Brad Read. The shore filled with people for the Inshore race leading to the start of the Transatlantic crossing to Lisbon; 500 + boats showed up on this beautiful day. Sailing knowledge in Newport R.I is no secret, sailing is in no doubt and this time we got the crowd.

In case you are wondering about the video. We had our own close encounter. While being inside the security/ safety boats zone, Mapfre came on charging through. I guess the red marker was not part of the course. She won the inshore Race.