Monday, August 3, 2015


- John H. Ilingworth, Francis Bouygues, Baron Bich.

- This post is prompted by an e-mail I received following the article by John Rousmaniere about Dick Carter in the August issue of Seahorse magazine. See the above Post.

- P. A wrote: " In my life, I have worked for three or four "Rock Stars" and Dick Carter was the first. We were all in our twenties ( and Dick was only 42) when he hired all of us and gave us the freedom to do great things".

- I wish everyone to have had Mentors like I have been privileged to be associated with. No less than three, whom by finding something in me, allowed me to find myself.
- Their paths crossed mine. Fond about boats, Yachting and enthusiast with sailing, their presence allowed someone very young to pursue a passion in many interesting ways.
- Yes, this is talking about myself but thanks to the Social Media and search engines, one can find everything there is to find about the above personalities. All larger than life.