Friday, September 18, 2015

Sail Majesty at Sea.

Drew Doggett, a well known name in the photographic world if not yet in the Sailing World. But this is going to change with the introduction of his Coffee Table Book, titled "Sail Majesty at Sea".
Drew is staying with us at the house for the occasion of the Newport International Boat Show to exhibit his work and his book. Now, in the Sailing Capital of the USA with a collection of some of the top world photographers living around here, you would thing there is nothing to ad. But if you see The Book, all black and white reminiscent of the old work of Rosenfeld's and Beken's at Cowes in England, you can see the tradition has not been lost. Only invigorated by the renewal of the Classics J's and 12 Metre boats. Such magnificent vessels are alive and well with a whole new generation of new built or resurrected from ash or mud. So, if you are in Newport stop by his booth and get a Signature book also dedicated to a noble cause. Read the text below before I get on too long, pictures speak for themselves.