Thursday, December 10, 2015

Vendredi 13. Souvenir, souvenirs.

Vendredi 13.
- A visionary boat by Jean-Yves Terlain, financed by Claude Lelouch of "A Man and a Woman" filmmaker fame, designed by Carter Offshore and built by Tecimar at St. Nazaire France.

- At 128', V13 was at the time the longest single-handed boat in the world. She still is in her original configuration the lightest fiberglass, at 30T. (66000lbs.) pleasure boat ever built. One of the first large resin-infused vessels in the world. Also, probably the most bang for the bucks in history of sailing. Budget $360,000.00 on a turnkey contract and 6 months to design and build this one of a kind.