Friday, May 6, 2016

Swing Keel; Centerboard;Daggerboard; Keel Centerboard; Lifting keel.

- A while ago, I wrote on Tanton's Blog about keels called Keel, keel, and keels. (3/10/15. A modest overview over the appendage fitted to sailboats to achieve stability, direction and to fight the force going sideways.

- My latest commission for an aluminum 48' with a ballasted - keel- centerboard.
- Very popular in France, and built by a few shipyards in aluminum, the model is known as "deriveur integral". True center boarder often ballasted, the raised board is totally integrated within the shape of the hull.

- This is still work in progress, and the above preliminary drawings have been upgraded and I have another version with a different interior, necessitating to review the lines, the board, and the displacement. Some of the revisited changes will be applied to the earlier version as above. See further down the updated version as of May 12, 2020

Monday, May 2, 2016

Built it, and they will come!

- As a destination, Newport and the Shipyard are hard to beat. 

- Yachting Hub, the yard facility attracts the most beautiful and famous boats in the world. And they are starting to arrive, most of them from the Caribbean after a busy season.

- The land when 100' sailboats look small.


- Talking about a busy season. Events like The Newport Yacht Charter Show, Newport Bermuda Race, Candy Store Cup, Newport Brokerage Boat Show based at the Shipyard, without forgetting all other activities brought by the New York Yacht Club, Ida Lewis, and so many others venues.

- One week later.
And they are coming. They are here!.

The sky is the limit.

Invasion of the right kind.