Friday, March 4, 2016

Boat Design of the Month. March 2016.

Regularly or not, I will introduce boats that have been very influential in my life. Having studied 55 years of yacht designs since a very young age as you can imagine, I have been all over the place and like to these days to R& D's the source and for sure coming with my own, very own interpretation and hopefully improvements that I have learnt, it seems for ever as a Professional Yacht Designer. The first one is Oceanus.
If you do not know this sailboat, you have not dug out one of the Masters; William Garden, who passed away a few years ago. A long life, a multitude of projects built in all kind of shapes and forms,
in all forms of material and with a flair attained over a life time.
Garden designed Oceanus for his own use, designed on the floor of a house he was building on his private island. The drawings developed into a  sailboat 60' long x 12' in the beam x 6'-8" draft and with a sail area of 1000 sq/ft.

Below is what I believe the first write-up about the boat inside the 1955 Yachting Magazine, with well defined intention, method and execution.