Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Enquiring Mind wants to know.

This is all about Origami/ Imagiro boats via Rhino.
I look at at it like a brain exercise.
What is the most simplistic form to describe the processus?
You create a chine fore and aft of the midship section to conically develop the bow and the stern. There is no need for conventional Lines Plan and lofting. Simply follow the pattern to develop the shell. But in case you want to see what it looks like when waterlines, buttocks and section are projected to the shell have a look at the 2d. plan below.

Sequence 1. Cut the steel on the flat according to the pattern. Weld on longitudinals and the pipe cap rail. Not shown for convenience is torturing the plate by joining the split together using come alongs. Repeat on the duplicated starboard side.

Note: This is a rendering essay. For photos and images, please e-mail :
This Model is a Stock Plan.

Pictures are worth thousands of words.
Follow the images of putting together this 39' sailboat using a folding pattern method for building in metal.
The whole object is to get a shell together fast, using minimum of welding and components to complete a very strong boat.

Completion of deck, interior, fitting out; will take just about the same amount of time than any other