Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Inquiring Mind wants to know.

- January 12, 2018. Up to date. Sending a set of drawings to Turkey. The customer first contacted me in 2012. So, he is serious about actually doing her. Building a boat; any boats is a serious business. You place your life on a trajectory equivalent to go into space Time. The moment for this design started in 1998; I believe enough time to go to Mars with a return ticket. Forget the last part.

This is all about Origami/ Imagiro boats via Rhino.
I look at it as a brain exercise.
What is the most simplistic form to describe the process?
- You create a chine fore and aft of the midship section to conically develop the bow and the stern. There is no need for conventional Lines Plan and lofting. Simply follow the pattern to develop the shell. But in case you want to see what it looks like when waterlines, buttocks, and sections are projected to the shell have a look at the 2d. plan below.