Friday, May 19, 2017

What do you think?

When you don't know?
Difficult choices and many questions about what is the ideal Great Loop Cruiser. I think I had the answer when I won the International Design Competition sponsored by the magazine Passagemaker and the Westlawn School for Yacht Design.
If, specifically not drawn for the G.L.C, nevertheless this "Trawler" seems to me like a great candidate for a voyage taking you from salty seas, to brackish deltas, to fresh water. The name is more associated to fishing the high seas rather than anything else, so maybe she can become the "Traweller".

The second candidate is built with steel and presents a different approach. But I'll go straight for what I previously designed and wrote about the boat.

To read about it, click on the Link below.

Now we turn around to a third candidate: A lobster yacht. More accustomed to the Ocean, the model is still a fantastic power boat. This Model has seen power trains from 220H-P to 650 H-P. Of course, for the purpose of the Great Loop, the later does not make sense so, we will settle for the smaller engine. With 88 hulls, the boat has been well accepted by Fishermen and Pleasure cruisers to accept an incredible amount of variations in layouts, accommodations and purposes. Some were entirely built, others where "Finished" individually and or by " Finishers".

  Full speed.

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