Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pilothouse. Sailboats.

                                      Trend TYD # 325

Illustration of Comanche

- L'Oceane 12M.                                        

- Pilothouse 40'. TYD#309
- See  about her on Search: The building of a 40' steel Pilothouse sailboat. Puzzle.

- Sleek sailing boats from the Med, flush deck, flat everywhere,
the huge expense of space for nothing. If you are looking for a real offshore monohull sailing yacht, the absence of protection for the crew is apparent and with most production sailing vessels that I know of. Of course, sailing is mostly dedicated to Summer vacation time and the need to be warm is lessened. Until it gets to be raining, cold, windy and lumpy; so much for the romantic aspect of sailing; when it comes to that.
But the trend is on. Further, when you see VOR boats going around the world, mostly on the wrong places for fair weather and without any dodger or even breakwater you will have to start to think when insanity is taking over. Except for a few moments of public relation close to shore where looks count, the rest is brutal. Even IMOCA's boats have figured it out. That by being under a hood with a coffee grinder and tiller steering will save the day anytime.

- So, in my small world, I just happen to have a client to develop a pilothouse vessel. Within the limitation of 38' on deck, the boat is for aluminum construction and to offer for a couple a nice retreat in older age when things have to have more reasons that at any other times.