Monday, March 12, 2018

Magie Noire, with the Long Flying Wings.

-Yes, it has been a long time. Even though on this Blog I have written many different captions about Magie Noire and for good reasons being of my Design and the vision of Christian Quoniam way back when in 1983. To read more Search on this Blog: "From JR to Elia".
- But, there is a new News. The boat, the wings will fly again under the hospice of an Association dedicated to re-build the boat within a 3 years time frame.

-Yes, she was in a field and literally abandoned. I am not about to tell you why, because I do not know the details. The object of this post is to celebrate a postmortem and a resurrection. Well, I am a little ahead of myself, so let me explain.

This the way I like to remember her. (to be continued).