Sunday, October 21, 2018

In the Golden age of Ocean Racing.

-Last night at the Harbour Court New York Yacht Club in Newport Rhode Island, we had a special evening with a guest speaker who had an extreme influence as a Yacht Designer for the rest of my life. Notably, Richard E. Carter known as Dick Carter who came to shake the world of Yacht Design, Offshore Racing and Yachting Rules.

- Starting in 1965 when he startled the sailing world by winning the Fastnet Race in England with a boat of his design, the first one ever, had her built and skippered to this stupendous victory.

-The promotion was for the Introduction of his book; "Dick carter Yacht Designer. In the Golden Age of Offshore Racing". I am glad that a couple of years ago, I suggested for him to write a book about that unique area covering a period of 10 years, where the world discovered his talent, his boats and the legacy of it to all of us at the time, and now in the future through literature about his own life time.