Saturday, March 30, 2019

Carter Offshore Production Boats.

- Hello.
-I took a little time out writing the Blog. Not out of lost things to say, just laps when going into Winter. Now it is Springtime, and as they say, things are moving again.

- As the title suggests, I have received an inquiry about finding a Carter production boat for someone on a nostalgia quest to seriously race some unique racing boats from the 60s and '70s.
This is for a racing sailor, competitor, and winner in many classes and owning many boats with the same name. For privacy, I cannot divulge the identity, but if you have something to sell. I'll pass it on.

-The title picture is of Ydra, the aluminum built prototype for the production version of the Carter 37. Fiberglass made and a fast boat to these days. Thanks to copyright Demi-Coque for these renderings and others.

-Among the Production candidates I can think of:
Carter 40
Carter 33.
Carter 37
Carter 39
Carter 36. The Texas One Tonner.
I'll add more pictures as I retrieve them.