Friday, April 19, 2019


-Well! I  took a breather and have neglected the Blog for what seems to be quite a while. No specific reasons, just a time out and maybe for reflections on many subjects and not necessarily having anything to do with my professional life which is Yacht Design and for which tantonyachtdesign. blogspot .com is all about after all.

-Nine months since I moved out of my office of 40 years. Having one office brings a certain discipline; being exclusively tied up all day for the tasks at hand. No such thing working from the house.

- Distraction is everywhere. So it takes a while to get used to that new environment. But what I am missing?
The walk back and forth from the house to the place of work. I probably traveled the distance of Newport R.I  to Newport Beach CA. and back over the years. No such thing now.

-So, to compensate, I often go to my two favorite places on this Aquidneck island; Sachuest Point and or the Cliff Walk. One is a Nature Preservation Sanctuary, the other a preserve of Society in the forms of the most elegant Mansions.

-It is easy to forget how nice and beautiful the Newport area is. Yes, you can get impatient in this place; winters are too long and Spring-Summer seems to be seen at the end of a tunnel.

-I am taking you on a walk with images. Having said that, I am getting used to working on a different time schedule; finding myself working late, often past midnight. This seems to suit my professional time frame and at the end, there is always a surprise.

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