Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Brokerage. Rachel. J. Slocum, 50' schooner. And more Tanton's boats for sale.

                                                                 -In the Market. We a recent price reduction.

-Funny how things are. After publishing the see below Post about Sea anchor, Heaving-to and Drogue, it came to my attention that the actual boat is now for sale.

-Described as a unique vessel, she sure is. The reading of this schooner on, by D. W. Yachts, is what you need to know and I can help you fill the blanks as a co-Broker when you contact me personally. Full large scale plans will be made available to the Buyer.

- For pictures, description and specification please visit:

Search Yachtworld Tanton

- Other Tanton's boats for sale.

- Tanton 73. S/V Velos. Pedigree boat. Please contact me. Location West Coast.
- Tanton One- Tonner.
- Tanton CT 44.

- Both boats are on the West Coast- Just Sold: Tanton.36 Lobster Cruiser

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