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I.O.R; R.O.R.C; C.C.A. A take from The Facebook Group.

                                    - Above drawing.
- My first One-Tonner design. At the time when the R.O.R.C (Royal Ocean Racing Club).Rules dictated the Ocean handicap system and Offshore racing in Europe.

- In 1968, during my Military Service, obligatory at the time, I was fortunate enough to be detached from the Bataillon de Joinville, and able to join A.F.C.A (Association Francaise pour la Coupe America). Balancing my time between sailing 12 Metre, working for A. Mauric and  Britton Chance; tank testing a string of 12M.

- From a design point of view and the highlight at the office, was for me to reproduce Intrepid, the S&S America's Cup winner from 2000 photos and the rating certificate.

- In my spare time, I designed several boats including this One Tonner, heavily influenced by a drafting method developed by A. Mauric, before computers of course. Also by the development Class of the 5.5 Metre. Compared to Tina, the boat is more conservative with her deadrise, balanced hull lines and other features.
- But, before all of this; came the One-Tonner Tina.


- In the 1966 One Ton Cup in Denmark, a certain Tina, a Dick Carter design beat all professional yacht designers. 
Personally, I was the skipper of the Illingworth & Primrose design Maryka, coming in 12th. in the fleet of 24 yachts; I knew that the wind was changing, and the change was Dick Carter.

Read his book. Available at Amazon.

- Officially, I established Tanton Yacht Design at the beginning of 1974. Of course, it was a big jump from one the best Yacht Design firm in the world, where for 3 years I had been the Design Director directly involved with the drafting of very famous boats. The move was to come down to Newport and start from scratch and... wait. Having not stolen any customers, this could have been a long time in waiting. Doug Peterson wanted me to join him in San Diego and Charley Morgan in Florida. Fortunately, before long small commissions came in and eventually with an order for a One-Tonner.

- The Preliminary Design.

- Design, including tank testing at M.I.T, led to
Marrakesh Express, the aluminum Palmer-Johnson built One-Tonner.

- Love Machine 2. Also built by Palmer-Johnson, Wisconsin.

- Quarter Tonner Clavier.

- 38'Epee.

- Quarter Tonner Pantaia.

- 28' M.O.R.C Woodwind.

- Two Tonner Black Gold.

- Building BlackGold.

- Kachina.

- Building the Half Tonner Kachina, next to the Two Tonner Black Gold. Katrina had an elongated skeg with the spade rudder underneath. This in order to increase the volume low, otherwise lost with her pin tail stern configuration.

- Typical masthead rig for Katchina half-tonner of that era.

- Scaramouche. Merle Hallett's 42'.

- Link:

- Mini Ton.

- Anitra 60'.
- Designed for the Whitbread Round the World Race 1977-1978.
Unfortunately lack of funds prevented from taking part, with the same scenario happening for the next 1981-1982 Race. I think she might have been a strong contender.

- Notice the C-Flex method of construction. Popular a while ago, and a strong way to build a boat. The drawback is that it is a little heavier than in other conventional ways because the woven pattern of the rods between the E or S-glass fibers tends to collect more resin. You can see in the pictures that a single partition in the middle maintains the rigidity of the hull.

- Circus Maximus TYD#773
- See also on this Blog:
Bermuda Race (1978)-2018.
Circus Maximus.

- Half Tonner Strawflower.

Desperado 57' U.L.D.B

- One-Tonner Special Edition.

- One-Tonner BellyUp.

- TYD#852 My last I.O.R Design. Starting as Desperado 73'; now Velos in white with new rudder and keel, based in San Diego.

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