Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Bristol Channel Cutter Story. Old fashion, but good boats.

- Once in a while, classic boat plans are sold.

- What makes people buy older fashion sailboats in the first place?
Nostalgia comes to mind. The liking to old things; be antique furniture, houses, or cars. Boats are in a similar situation.

- Beauty? Considering the limitlessness of boat shapes, rig, and purpose somethings must tickle the senses.

- Such is the case for a series of sailboat designs that have given birth to the Modern Bristol Channel Cutters; MBCC.

- Small in sizes; up to 42', the range starts with a 26' model.

- In "Search" on this Blog, type: Tanton Design no.936, it is about the smallest one; but, she managed to go around the World.

- They have in common a certain look-alike to the famous pilot boats of a long-gone era, off the coast of England and of France. Boats designed and built to secure pilotage for the incoming merchant ships.

- But what is an M.B.C.C? To go back, we have to look at other designers who embraced the type and character of these vessels.

- Restraining myself to this side of the pound, I can name Atkin and especially Lyle Hess. because he touched a chord with a 28' close in concept to Bristol cutters and Itchen workboats with a little bit of a Smack in between. Now, I am not going into details of the latter models for definitions, but to the original BCC as Hess's and the builder came to name the breed.

- What mines look like in general.