Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Lobster Yacht; de retour au bercail.

- What goes around, comes around.

- A good friend of mine purchased this "lobster yacht".
- A turn of an event, if I can say one!

- I had just completed the design TYD#300 for him, and about to be built.  When I found for sale, on Yachtworld the above Listing.

- Since I had been involved with the Design and Building I sent the link to the client. The next thing I know he ended up buying the boat! Shelving the plans. Well, I got paid either way, and this is a good product.

- Sold a few years ago, the boat has a history that you can follow in the article below that I wrote during her conception.

- Good to have her back, she is a good one and being registered again in Newport, Rhode Island.