Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Britton Chance Jr. 1940-2012

The passing of Brit Chance, the gifted yacht designer saddened me.
A little side story.
Early in my career, in the 60's, I read in a French Magazine the word "genius" associated with Britton Chance's design. I said to myself; I want to work for someone like that. Later, while I was working for the French architect Andre Mauric on the 12 Meter Challenge for the America's Cup launched by Baron Bich, the "President" hired Britton Chance to design a trial horse. So, I met him during the building of "Chancegger" in Switzerland, where from time to time I got to go. Still later on, I approached him for a design job in his office in the US. A few months later I received my Green Card, sponsored by him and Olin and Roderick Stephens. This card arrived faster than expected and Brit was not quite ready to employ me. The possibility of working for Sparkman & Stephens was also there, but I did not wanted to work in New-York City. A few days later, I was hired by Dick Carter and this is another story.