Thursday, May 24, 2012

Atlantic Cup. Class 40.

This new event, in its second year is a success. To have been able to attract 15 boats on this side of the Atlantic, for what is essentially an European sort of thing is a major achievement. The double-handed race started in Charleston to New-York city, then on to Newport. I like the Class, the size, the speed, the concept. I drew one a few years ago to get a sense about the design, and the following text will give you an idea behind the thinking. I am always up dating the basic plans as time goes on to get abreast of the evolution of this class.

" The Class 40 Tango follows parameters set by the Box rule, to the maximum of all dimensions.
The result is a platform with a fine entry, a wide beam and transom. The shallow Veed stern is carried all the way forward to the mid section at a constant angle to keep the buttocks as straight and flat as possible. A true chine boat. The lines are carried towards the bow in a deep and sharp section. The overall simplicity of the hull shape hides the reasons behind everything.

The twin outboard rudders, placed well to the sides are out of the wake exit and are perpendicular to the bottom angle. In case of hitting something, the rudders swing aft, thanks to a "fuse" line built into the system.

The keel is designed to carry all of its lead into the shape of the bulb for maximum stability. The blade is designed to maximize the aspect ratio available with an optimized sweepback angle.

The sail plan represents an effort to place the mast as far aft as dictated by balancing the rig with the below  waterline appendages.

The deck pl;an, reflects the need of sailing the boat single or double handed with the necessity of getting protection from the elements.

The Accommodation Plan in its simplicity, offers a couple of options, all within the same built for strength structure.

Here we go. "

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mystic Seaport.

I do not know if you know about the Mystic Seaport. Above and beyond the Slave ship, Whale boat and the Fisherman Schooner, the place has a special section with 100000 Boat Plans inherited from the Masters of my profession. Buy the Book/Catalogue and drool. Recently, I purchased a couple of decorative prints from 1916.

Saturday, May 5, 2012



Periodically, I receive inquiries about Dick Carters Boats. This time from Italy, from a Boat Model Company, to reproduce a half hull of the production Carter 37.
As the Design Director for Carter Offshore for nearly four years, I had the privilege to work for Richard E-Carter, but also with Robert H-Perry; Chuck Paine and Mark Lindsay. The Best! They came along when more designers were needed for what was the fastest growing yacht design production and marketing company in the world. All this, to stop almost  abruptly with the first OPEC oil crisis, but that is another story.

Above and below renderings by: