Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Misty day in Newport.

- Athena is in town. I had to take a photo about this arguably the prettiest, most expensive private sailboat in the world.

- Funny, at the same time a client for whom I am designing a 105' Motor Yacht, sent me pictures of another three masthead schooner. What a contrast. Someone said: "Design is what you see". I admit Athena is not in the same category, with Huisman for builder and astronomical cost associated with such a vessel. But still, no matter looks count. Get a good Yacht Architect.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Boat and Store.

- I see a good idea when I see one.

- How many times have you seen a "Thule" or others on a car top?

- Think about this new storage space as a boat upside down!

- Well someone did it on a production scale. Boat and Store, or Store and Boat. Before you ask, yes I was consulted. But the infusion molding part was over my head. Anyway, I can see others; canoes, kayaks, having the same treatment, being part of storage.

- Of course, there is a weight limit consideration before you capsize your SUV.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Circus Maximus

- Note: Check also, Bermuda Race 2018- (1978) on this blog Search.

- The other day, I found on the Steve Lirakis Blog these two photos of a long time ago. Circus-Maximus was the third large size ULDB ( Ultra Light Displacement Boat) built in the world. Coming after Infidel, aka Ragtime in New Zealand, and soon after Merlin on the West Coast. The photo gives you an idea of how light she is at 66'-6". The other image shows the two owners, Don Ritter, and John Raby.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Formula f.10M.

- April 2, 2012
- The F.10 is the largest of the Formulae based on Sport Boats concept. Others are the 9M; 8M; 7M, 6M.
They have in commun a basic hull shape developed over years. A chine boat designed around day sailing, with performance on all points of sail.  The chines have been adopted for speed, not only on the water, but also in terms of construction where large panels are used throughout, minimizing the time to splice the boat together, making the F.10M. within the reach of a competent Amateur Builder.  The hull is one thing, but in order to achieve the goal towards simplicity, a flush deck has been chosen, along with a very large cockpit, all with the intention to achieve speed.