Friday, May 19, 2017

Great Loop Cruiser. What do you think?

When you don't know?
Difficult choices and many questions about what is the ideal Great Loop Cruiser. I think I had the answer when I won the International Design Competition sponsored by the magazine Passagemaker and the Westlawn School for Yacht Design.
If specifically not drawn for the G.L.C, nevertheless this "Trawler" seems to me like a great candidate for a voyage taking you from salty seas to brackish deltas, to freshwater. The name is more associated with fishing the high seas rather than anything else, so maybe she can become the "Traweller".

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ron Holland! Guess what?

Ron was in town last week. That is Ron Holland, one of the most talented Yacht Designer in the world. We go back something like 45 years. First, I met him at the Tower, the Carter Offshore office; submarine observation look out for U. Boats during WW11. At the time Dick Carter was at the top of the rarified world of yacht design and we always had a string of visitors and clients. Subsequently, I saw him in Sardinia during the 1973 One Ton World Championship. Where Ydra, a Carter boat won. Let to be said that another upcoming young yacht designer; Doug Peterson stole the show by coming in second, but would have won the event except for a mistake in navigation.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The List.

- Have plenty of paper in your tray.

- My old Website bit the dust when the server company got to be sold. The migration of the content to the new site was very unsatisfactory, prompting to develop a new one. This takes time and will not be in full running mode for a while. But do not despair, it will be done. So, in a measure of continuity and to lessen the disruption, I am opening this Blog with a list covering most of the Design work that has been done over so many years.

- New Website@:
Work in progress as they say.

- Yes, the List is a little hard to figure out because of the chronological order of the Plans without differentiation if you are looking for something specific. Like for example Powerboats; or Sailboats between 40 and 50 feet, etc. This will come when due. Meantime, here it is and where we are.