Saturday, May 5, 2012


- Carter 37 Production model built in Greece.

- Periodically, I receive inquiries about Dick Carters Boats. This time from Italy, from a Boat Model Company, to reproduce a half hull model of the production Carter 37.

- As the Design Director for Carter Offshore for nearly four years, I had the privilege to work for Richard E-Carter, but also with Robert H-Perry; Chuck Paine, and Mark Lindsay. The Best! They came along when more designers were needed for what was the fastest-growing yacht design production and marketing company in the world. All this, to stop almost abruptly with the first OPEC oil crisis, but that is another story.

- Above and below renderings by

The original Ydra built in aluminum by A & R in Germany.

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  1. Dear Yves,

    I have a Carter 37 named Tigo IV, I'm her 2nd owner from new, bought her 1995. She has had a modification which is the addition of a steel beam which the keel bolts to, it runs across the boat and connects to the chain plates. The mod was done by the Berthon Boat Co in the early 80's. A few years ago I took the steelwork out & re-galvanised & epoxy painted it, it's in good condition. However, if I sail the boat realy hard, I think that she bends! This becomes apparent because the main hatch becomes difficult to slide, I try not to let this occur...Have you ever heard of this problem or of anyone changing the rudder on a 37 to a balanced one rather than the designed skeg hung one?

    1. No. For any of the above situations. I'll like to hear more about it.