Thursday, January 8, 2015

You want to have a leg up on the cold?

- Buy "Belle Ile". A 1995 steel, 33' M.B.C.C model. (Modern British Channel Cutter). Presently located in the Canaries Island. She can take you to the Caribbean where I understand it is warm now! There is still time before the hurricane season. I am waiting for more information, meantime I can tell you that the asking price is 63K Euros.

Belle Ile Video.
- I have just received more pictures of the boat.

- I designed Belle-Ile to recreate in a different way the nostalgic era of the Norwegian Rescue Fleet so well rendered by Colin Archer and so many others. The type of boats that shaped my life at an early age. I was enamored by Jacques-Yves Le Toumelin's  Kurun and the account of his voyage around the world. I must have been 12 years old at the time and in Boarding School. Not fun. When I got the book, I just could not separate myself from reading it again and again. To such an extent that I stole it from the School Library and still is in my possession.

- The design quirk is the treatment under the hull. I designed twin keels with the thought that it could more efficient than a traditional long keel. She was one of the first ones with such a feature.

- The interior is "cozy", particularly for a couple and the occasional guest. All in all a fine vessel with tradition in mind in a timeless sense.

- The Sail Plan is of a cutter with a double headsails configuration, and added sail area under the form of a spinnaker/reacher for light air and downwind legs. The mast location has the particularity to seat literally in the middle of the boat, allowing for a smaller mainsail and more power to the foretriangle.
If interested, please contact me:;; Tel. 401-835-4112 (USA)


  1. Surprisingly (or not) drawing lines of this boat are quite similar with B.Perry lines phylosophical ones.
    Any explanation except hazard ?

    Chorus :)

  2. Chorus. We both have good taste. But he does not make many if any steel boats and none twin keelers.